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Ron, Jake, and Zach are all Committed to Providing a fun-filled guided Shoreline fishing adventure
For the Whole Family

We have enjoyed fishing in Broward county for over 44 combined years and we look forward to sharing our freshwater peacock bass and bullseye snakehead experience and expertise.  We’ve caught thousands and thousands of them in lakes, ponds, and canals throughout the Fort Lauderdale area since the 1990s, all without a boat!

We are

Fishing guides, Jake, Ron, and Zach are a powerhouse father-and-sons fishing guide team.  Ron and Zach specialize in peacock bass fishing while Jake is also highly experienced at catching bullseye snakehead.


We believe that we treat all of our customers like family.  We enjoy taking families fishing, even with young kids.  We teach about the environment, catch-and-release, and how fishing is the BEST hobby for kids of all ages.

The Goals

We want to ‘hook’ you up and we will even GUARANTEE that if you book a shoreline peacock bass fishing trip with us you will 100% catch a peacock bass.  That is how sure we are that you will catch one of the most exotic fish in the United States.

peacock bass caught on artificial bait

Why go fishing with us?

If you’re thinking of trying your hand at shoreline fishing in South Florida, Fishing With Jake Land-Based Shoreline Fishing will put you on the bite! Fishing all his life in the area, Guide Jake Lewis started Fishing With Jake to share with others his passion and skillset to help fellow enthusiasts find success. His father, Ron also guides with over 30 years of experience fishing throughout Broward County.

South Florida waters are home to numerous species that allow limitless opportunities for catching fish. The main targets that Jake and Ron specialize in are Peacock Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Bullseye Snakehead. Of course, you never know what other fascinating species you might find when fishing in these local waters.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a family with children who are just getting interested in the sport, everyone is welcome to join in the fun! There is a wide range of trips offered that will definitely suit your needs. Guests can bring their own equipment or Jake and Ron can provide their own quality equipment and gear including artificial baits for use. Remember to bring polarized sunglasses, sun protection, food, and drinks to enjoy while you’re at the shore, and you’ll be ready for a great day!

Experience a fishing adventure like no other with Jake and Ron Lewis so get hooked up today!

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Catch and Release

We believe that catch and release is the most effective way to keep fishing in South Florida great

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We do not want to break the bank for you to book the best affordable guided fishing trip in South Florida.

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We will take you to some of the best fishing ponds, lakes, and canals in west Broward County.

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